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Purpose of this Website

 In South America, the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales are present in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo with parish and school ministry.

They serve in Brazil in the most Southern State, Rio Grande do Sul, with parish ministry in Braga, Jaboticaba, Novo Barreiro, Palmeira das Missões and Viamão and also with a hospital chaplaincy in Porto Alegre. In the North-Western Brazilian State Bahia they are involved with parish ministry in Saúde and Pindobaçu.

In Equador the Oblates are present almost right on the equator at the Pacific coast, that is to say, in Manta, the biggest fisherharbor of the country, where people are served with parish ministry and a formation house.

Other Oblates' formation houses are located in the Brazilian places of Jaboticaba, Passo Fundo, and Viamão.

With this website and its articles and graphics, the Oblates hope that you will become familiar with the admirable and highly up-to-date, gentle and always attractive personality of St. Francis de Sales, Bishop and Spiritual Leader.

  It is hoped that you will follow his example and live Jesus in your heart and everyday life.  Feel free to contact the Oblates for more information and to inquire about joining our community.

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